Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TUSAL a day late and a thread short.

I just found out about the TUSAL (link over there--------->) and signed up and took my pic. I don't have a glass jar yet, I have been thinking about it and now I have a reason to get one. I currently put my ORT's in a candy bar tin. This probably won't fill up very fast, but again I remind myself, it's not a race. I enjoy stitching at my pace and would probably take another hiatus if I tried to push it.

While I'm here updating this, I'll post the pics of my Day 8 and 9 starts. I haven't added to either of them yet so they're stuck at the first pics progress.

This one is going to my hubby without a doubt. I think I made really good progress on this one for just the short time that I worked on it. I love the colors too. Both of the music clef's use Crescent Colours floss. I might buy more of it because it works up really nice.

A bunch of us are doing or have done this Alphabet Heart. It's a freebie you can get here. I am going to stitch the letters of my last name in a darker variegated thread, that way it stands out more. This one will probably stitch up pretty fast. I just have to get back to it.

I'm not doing any sort of organized rotation. I found a random number generator online that I can set my own range on. I got #15 today, so I'll be working on the day 15 project tonight.

I'm enjoying posting my updates, I think I'll keep it up. Little by little I'm learning new things about this blogging stuff. So until tomorrow...Happy Stitching!

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