Sunday, January 22, 2012

More updates from the first 15 days and beyond

While I really wanted to stitch this afternoon, I got so caught up in the NY Giants winning against the SF 49ers, I didn't stitch at all. I will once I'm done posting this, I think.

Day 3's project was the only WIP I had chosen for this challenge.

The couple of lines of blue where the thread is hanging at the top is the bit that I managed to get done on day 2. For whatever reason I had a hard time concentrating on stitching that evening. I should be used to having a short attention span, but it still catches me off guard at times.

This project has been my "go to" project whenever I feel like stitching mindlessly. It is mostly large blocks of one color at a time. So when I want to stitch but I'm too tired to count or pay too much attention to the details, I work on this.

Day 5 is my only seasonal project. It's titled Best Witches from a Better Homes and Gardens Cross Stitch and Needlework magazine from October 1998. Yes I said 1998! I took a long hiatus from stitching when I lived in apartments that were either too dark or too small for me to stitch comfortably. I just bought the Q-Snap in the last few months and found that it really works great. I love them!

I think that when I really get going on this one it should stitch up quite quickly. I can't wait to be able to take the finished product to work and hang it in my cubicle. I have not done any more work on these two since I started the challenge, I'll post updates as they come.

Tomorrow I'll post the start for day 6, my first HAED, and then day 7's start and a couple of updates to it. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

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