Monday, January 23, 2012

Even more of my first 15 days of the Cross Stitch Crazy Challenge.

I have been looking at fellow stitcher's blogs and seeing different things that I'd like to add to mine. As with anything computer-y or tech-y, I just jump right in and make changes without reading the manual. I have a hubby that I call Manual Man! He's my super hero. He reads tech manuals for fun (the weirdo). So I just go clicking around on the edit pages until I find what I want, then click on the preview to see if that's what I really wanted to do. And lo and behold! I found how to make the tabs show at the top of the page AND how to make additional pages, not that I have any other pages to make at the moment. Oh yeah, I hate looking stupid, so there are some questions I just don't ask in public. So maybe I'm getting better at this blogging stuff.

Anyway, tonight's posting is from Day 6 and Day 7. I have recently (like the last 6 months) been introduced to HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) and of course like a lot of "novice" stitcher's I've been a bit intimidated by the sheer size and number of stitches, as well as the number of colors. So I bought a QS (Quick Stitch), it's still really involved, but not quite as large. My Day 6 start was my first HAED, QS Fire Moon.
I totally love how it will look when it's completed, providing I do a good job on it.
I have decided that I will be doing this one row at a time. Filling in stitches in the middle of already completed areas is just a bit too hard on my old eyes. So while I'm working on this completely intimidating pattern, I'm also going to be learning about parking my threads. It seems to be working so far.

I also found that the Q-snaps are great for keeping the fabric tight and helping me to keep track of the parked threads. I'm so glad I invested in them. I think I will be going back to The West (link over there--->) to get some more.
Day 7 is called "Here Comes Treble". It started out being for my hubby, who is a musician. But my daughter saw it and asked if I would give it to her boyfriend, who is also a musician. Well my hubby plays bass in a couple of bands and since Day 8 is called "First Bass", I'll give him that one alone. So this one is going to my daughters boyfriend.

I have made progress on this one since I actually worked on it a couple more times since the beginning of the challenge.
What I did was ask my friends on my Facebook page to pick a number between 1 and 15. Well two people chose 7 and so I worked on this one for a little while that evening. I absolutely love the richness of the colors in this piece. I bought the specialty floss to go with the pattern rather than using the DMC-ish (their words) replacement. This pattern, as well as, Days 8 and 15 came from Ink Circles.
The next night I did the same thing on one of the Challenge page, and again two people picked 7. So I worked on it again. Both evenings I had a couple of people pick 13 and then 12, so I did extra work on them the following night. I'll post those progress pics in a couple of days when I post the first shots.

I really like how this one is progressing. I think it will be really nice when it's done, probably not going to be done in time for his birthday, since it's this Friday, which incidentally, is also my birthday. So maybe in time for my daughter to give to him for Valentine's Day. We'll see how it goes.

I'm off to stitch more on Fire Moon tonight so I may add that pic later on. Tomorrow, I'll post days 8 and 9. Until then, Happy Stitching!

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shazzump said...

I can't wait to see how your HAED fire moon turns out , looks like it will be a lovely piece