Saturday, January 28, 2012

Not necessarily an update

The last two days I have been working on First Bass and Here Comes Treble. I decided that my daughter and I will give them to our honey's on Valentine's Day. I don't stitch very fast so I am taking as much time as possible working on them.

Here are the updated pics of both. I'm pretty proud of how they have come along.

I know I said that I'd post the last few of my challenge pieces, but I'm just about out of steam today. It was my birthday and I spent the evening stitching in peace. No one bugging me to do something or go somewhere. It was nice. It also happens that my daughters boyfriend has the same birthday as me, so we've been having our birthday cake together for the last few years. Here's a picture of this years cake.

So tomorrow (later today) I'll try to post those other challenge pictures. Until then, Happy Stitching!


Ruth said...

Beautiful pieces, I love them. That cakes looks just yummy and many happy returns of the day to you :)

Otter said...

Thanks Ruth! The cake was very good, I think it's mostly gone already, which is a good thing for my waist. I can't wait to work on the stitching later today.