Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Dance Finish #4

I'm so happy! I worked an extra evening on this weeks. I only had 2 letters to complete when I went to bed last night, so I just HAD to finish it tonight. I just couldn't stomach setting it aside so close to being done.

Of course this is where I started last Friday. And below is the finished product. I have to go and check out mats this weekend to find just the right heart shaped mat to complete this one. I want to hang it over my desk so I can look at it often.

I haven't looked at the Random Number Generator yet to see what is next, but I think I will work on Best Witches, since that is the only one I haven't worked on since the first night. I did work on the Bugs Bunny bookmark when my hubby had a procedure done last month and next month when he has another one done I'll take it again and work on it. I really want to get it done for him, so of course if its number comes up I'll work on it until it's done, in the nice time (I don't believe in mean time), I'll keep "spinning" my number generator.

I'm off to get next weeks stuff together, so until next time...Happy Stitching!

**************** EDIT NOTE ****************

I was reminded by my friend Debbie...The darker colors in there spell my last name. I still haven't gone to get the mat and frame, but will probably do that next weekend when I reap the benefits of working all this overtime. Sorry I must have been a little brain dead when I posted this because I wanted to specifically mention the darker letters. Ah well, Thanks Debbie for asking!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

TUSAL again?

Didn't we just do this last week? Oh no, I see it's been a whole month again. My dad was right, the older I get the faster time flies. I'd kill for a 10 year old's summer vacation day for the weekends now. That way I have more time to stitch and catch up on all that stuff I seem to be missing during the week while at work.

So here's my TUSAL update for this month. If you'd like to find out more about what a TUSAL is, or join in with us, head on over to Daffycat's page. Join in, it's nice to feel a part of something!

This morning, I went to get my eyes checked, I've been noticing some changes especially when I use higher count fabric. Yes I needed a new prescription, it was funny because when I was looking at the frames, I kept going back to the same design as I got last year! I chose a style similar, but not the same. I like the old frame though and will go back in a couple of weeks and get sunglasses put in them.I've gone for more than a year without any kind of sunglasses and for's torture. I live in the desert in Arizona, we have SUN and I mean it like that, 99% of the time. It's a rare occasion when we don't see the sun at all. No pics of me in my glasses, it's not that notable, but I figured I'd record me doing something other than work, sleep and stitch.

Oh yeah and I just watched a perfect baseball game being pitched in Seattle. What a crazy finish, but congrats to Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox! I'm not a Sox fan but I am a fan of baseball and a perfect game is NOT easy. This is only the 21st in the modern age of baseball, and totally deserves recognition.

Till later in the week, I wish you all Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Baseball season is upon us again!

As I said last week, this weeks piece is for my hubby. He has been a die hard fan of the Minnesota Twins since the year I was born, when his 4th grade teacher let the class watch the World Series on TV. The Twins were in it. They lost but it was a 7 game series and he enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, that teacher was his favorite teacher ever and he decided that the Twins were going to be HIS team. Here's where I started off.

And this is where I left off last night. I was really hoping to get it all the way done this week but that's a LOT of white to stitch! Next rotation, it'll be done.

One of the nice things about this pattern is that I don't need the pattern now that I have the wording done. The only thing I still need it for is the backstitching of the laces.

I realized tonight when I was putting the numbers in for the random number generator, that there are three pieces that I have only worked on once. It just so happens that the number that came up was 9, one of the poor pieces that haven't gotten any extra work done on them. The Alphabet Heart! Wonder if I can finish this one in a week? It's another fairly straightforward patterns, but I'm using variegated floss so it might take a little longer, we'll see next week huh?

I really enjoy reading through all the blogs that I follow, and though I don't always comment, I do always read them. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your crafting, and being a part of mine. So until next time...Happy Stitching!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

SW Mission, Boy Am I Dizzy!

No, I'm not dizzy because of the SW Mission piece, I'm dizzy because I have vertigo. Actual diagnosed vertigo. I noticed Wednesday at work that every time I turned my head or looked up, I felt like I was going to fall out of my chair. I thought it might be my ears or possibly my allergies doing a number on me. I left work early on slept for a few hours, but that didn't seem to help. I went to work on Thursday feeling passable, but after an hour or two I started feeling dizzy again. I called my doc and thankfully, they had an opening a couple of hours later. So the verdict is Vertigo. The doc prescribed some good meds and told me to take a few days off to let it get in my system, so here I am home, and stitching...when I'm not sleeping, the meds make me sleepy.

Now on with the stitching update! Last week my random number was 3, the pattern I call the SW Mission. I got quite a bit of the clouds done. I finished the 3rd page and have 2ish pages left to go. The ish is the last of the 4th page. Looks like I might get this one done this year!

It's easy to get bored with this due to the large blocks of color, but I have decided that no matter what I'm going to stick to my week long rotation and that way I'll complete more projects over the course of the week.

This is the only WIP that I chose for my challenge this year. I have a few others that I may add to next years challenge. Yes, I'm already planning for 2013. The wonderful folks that are part of the challenge group on Facebook have really been a huge inspiration to me.

I don't have any stitchy friends close by and although my hubby oooh's and aaah's when I show him my progress on things, there are times I think he's just doing it to be a good sport. I do the same when he talks about the inner workings of printers sometimes. Shhh, don't tell him. :)

Speaking of my hubby, I'm spending this week on his favorite baseball team's logo. I've done this one just this past December for one of my stitchy friends who lives in Minnesota and loves the Twins too.

Thanks for taking time out to visit my little corner of the blogiverse. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Autumn Evening update.

I've decided I lead a pretty boring life. I work, I come home, have dinner, go to bed and then do it all over again, just about every day. I'm not a very social person so I think stitching is a perfect creative outlet for me since I can be alone and I don't have to worry about entertaining or being entertained by someone else. Of course I could be over-thinking it, I tend to do that too. Ah well, I guess it's all about perspective this week.

So the RNG (random number generator), over there --->, came up with #11 last week, so I spent the week working on this wonderful piece. It's going to be really pretty once it's done and I can see some of the blues as I go, but it's pretty dark at the moment.

Here's where it was when I started, for the most part. I say "for the most part" because I worked on it at least one other time, but apparently I forgot to take a picture of the additional work. It wasn't much more than oops! my bad!

I didn't have a whole lot of time to stitch this week, not really sure why because, as I said, I lead a boring life, but here's where it is now.

As I took the pictures tonight I could see more of the blues in the bright light of the flash, I wish they were a bit brighter. I think that as I go further they may show up a little bit more, I hope so. I usually take more than one picture when I'm getting ready to do an update, just so I know I have at least one that is just right for what I'm trying to convey.

I love how digital photography has made it so that even the least experienced photographer can get really good shots from time to time. I still have a couple of rolls of film that I shot years ago, I still haven't taken them in to be developed, I wonder if I should, if for no other reason than I wonder what on earth I was doing that pictures were called for. Hmmm, Maybe I'll take them in this weekend. Curiosity is getting me going now.

Next week I'll be working on the one WIP I had in this challenge. Its a pattern that came with my PC Stitch program, I call it Southwest Mission, but it's called something else in the software, I can't recall what at the moment, and frankly I'm just too lazy to stop and look right now. I've had this piece going for a bunch of years, even when I didn't have a place to stitch. I'd pull this one out of a drawer and put a few stitches in every once in a while. I'm determined to finish it this year. So until next time, Happy Easter everyone and Happy Stitching!!