Sunday, January 22, 2012

First 15 days completed.

Ok, so the first 15 days are done and I completed that part of the challenge. I made a new start or worked on a WIP on each of the first 15 days of January.

I really wanted to keep a daily log of how I did on those days, however, life seemed to want to intrude at every turn. So rather than beating myself up over not posting on my blog for those days, I did post pics in my album on the Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge group.

At times I felt like I was not getting squat done where others were just trucking along getting a lot of stitches in each day on their pieces. Then I realized it's not a race. I stitch while I watch tv, play FB games, talk to my hubby and other life things. I have a hard time sitting still, I'm constantly moving one thing or another and squirming. My mother used to get on me all the time about sitting still. I couldn't do it as a child and I certainly can't do it now. So I'm going to try to not judge my progress by anyone elses abilities.

Anyway, I'm going to post pics of each of my 15 projects in the coming days from day 1 through day 15 and then any additional progress that has been made since the first day, in the next few days. Don't want to make a huge post for all 15 at once. I'm not going to do day one or four because they are posted already and I haven't revisited them yet. So here is day 2's project.

I am making this Bugs Bunny bookmark for my hubby. He's a big cartoon fan and he's always identified with Bugs, not exactly sure why. We both read voraciously and if you could see my great room, you'd know for sure. I have 8 book cases that are completely full. So I know that this bookmark will be used (probably used up) and well loved.

Once I have finished with Bugs, I'm going to do one for me, but I am a huge Marvin the Martian fanatic, so mine will be the Marvin one. The bookmark I'm using currently is a grocery store receipt, so pathetic, I know.

Tomorrow I'll post the one WIP that got included in this craziness and the seasonal project that I started. Until next time, Happy Stitching!

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