Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby announcement progress

This week I worked almost exclusively on the baby announcement for my friend at work. I didn't really plan on giving it to her at the baby shower today, but I did hope to have it close to finished. I did make great progress on it and I will work on it again this week until it's ready for the new baby's name and date of birth. I'm really happy with what I got completed.

It is definitely a quick stitch. I didn't get to touch it one night so I'd say another day or two and I'll have it ready for back stitching. We had the baby shower today and we succeeded in surprising our friend! She had no idea that we were planning this for a couple of weeks. One of our managers almost let the cat out of the bag today though, he caught himself just in time. Thank goodness for that. I was a bad girl and didn't take my camera so I have to wait to get pictures from one of our other girls who did remember.

I was working on my SAL last weekend a bit, devoted a little more than a day because the other girls are blowing me away in their progress. I'm enjoying it anyway so I'm not too worried about falling behind. I will take another picture on Sunday but here are the progress pics for the Train of Dreams.

If I can finish the stitching on the baby announcement I'll roll the number generator to find out what is next and post an update during the week if I can.

Tuesday is my wonderful daughter Sami's 25th birthday. She's probably my best friend aside from my hubby. I'm taking her and her boyfriend and my hubby and son out for dinner at her favorite restaurant Red Lobster. The boys aren't really seafood people, they'd prefer steak to seafood any day of the week. They will order whatever else they can find that isn't fish and be happy about it....or else! LOL

So here's hoping that you have a wonderful and relaxing week ahead and I hope you all find time to treat yourself to something special this week. See ya next time!


Anonymous said...


Your birth announcement is looking great, so sweet!

Good progress on Train of Dreams too.

Happy birthday to your daughter and I hope you enjoy your night out!

mdgtjulie said...

You've really made good progress on the birth announcement, Otter. Great job. And grats on making progress on ToD too. I've seen that from several people, and it's cute. If I remember right, it's a Spangler. I don't like many of his (too cutesy), but I do like a few of them. Village Bookstore, and the four seasons' houses. Keep up the good work, and you'll have a finish soon!!! Can't wait to see shower pics.