Friday, May 25, 2012

Restart and an update

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great start to your weekend. I'm on a roll I think. I even got a quick nap in this evening. This week was a weird one for my stitching. I really tried to work on my 22 ct Fire Moon, but the way I have to have it set up on my stand, under the magnifier, I have to sit all hunched over in order to see it, and my back was screaming at me after only a few minutes. I did stick it out for an hour or two and only got 1 row done before I decided that my best bet would be to get a swatch of my 16 ct out and cut it to size and start over. So I did!

This is where I was with my 22 ct last time I worked on it.

And after restarting on the 16 ct here's where I got up to as of this morning.

Oh yeah I caught up and passed where I was, definitely much easier for me on the larger count, considering the 22 ct got worked on 3 times before that top picture. So I think I'll have a good chance of completing at least 1 page of this project this year.

On May 15th, my hubby had to go for his first colonoscopy, the poor baby didn't like the prepping for it one bit, not that I blame him. So I took the day off to be there to support him and bring him home once it was over. I took along one of my portable pieces, the Bugs Bunny bookmark, on 14 ct vinylweave. I had taken it with me the last time he had a procedure done, in February, but I forgot to take after pics, so this progress is a little misleading. Here is where I left off the last time I took a picture.

Just for reference, after the last procedure I had completed the D and started the first 3 rows of the right leg of the A. This is where I left off last Tuesday.

Unfortunately, I had to sit for a couple of hours waiting, I did a lot of people watching too, since the hospital cafeteria is a very busy place. I made pretty good progress for me in just a short stitching period. Eventually I'll hit on this for a weeks worth of stitching, it still hasn't come up on the number generator. Once it does come up, I'm sure I'll come real close to finishing it or perhaps even completing it and starting my Marvin the Martian bookmark, which is covered up by the vinylweave of this one.

We started the Train of Dreams SAL. We're working on it at least once a week and then posting our progress for each other to follow on our FB group. Since I'm also posting here, this is my progress after only about 2 hours of stitching last week when I was super busy.

I decided that this week I was going to devote a full day to stitching this, for right now it's mostly just black so it will stitch up pretty fast. I'm doing this one on 18 ct, so it won't go as fast as the 16 ct but infinitely faster than the 22 ct would have been. I must tip my hat to all of you who can stitch on linen and other super fine count fabrics. I just can't until I get a better floor stand that isn't quite so low to the ground, or a better, lower stitching chair.

This week I'm going to work on the birth announcement for one of my co-workers. She and I started together almost 2 years ago. We're having a baby shower for her next Friday, a luncheon shower at work, which NEVER happens anymore. I really hope she likes it. I want to see if I can get this done by Friday, probably not, but I'm certainly going to try.

Thanks to all who have left comments on my posts! I love hearing from you. For those of you in the US, Happy Memorial Day! and for those of you in other parts of the world, have a wonderful and stitchy weekend!


Anonymous said...


Great progress on your new start!
Your Bugsy bookmark is great.
Best wishes to your husband after his colonoscopy.

Linda said...

Everything looks great Otter. Wow, you got alot done on your re-start. Best wishes for hubby.


mdgtjulie said...

I did A Star Is Born for my ex's nephews (twins) when they were born. Their mom kept it out at that apt, then threw it away. Sigh.... It's a quick stitch though, so you MAY finish it. Good luck!! And I love Fire Moon. I have it, but haven't started it yet. I've got Frost Moon in progress as it's bigger and so will take more time. Keep up the good work!! (And your BB bookmark is too cute. You got a pretty good amount done on it too. Hope your DH is healthy!!)

SoCal Debbie said...

What a great choice you made to switch to 16 ct. The bookmarks look great. How nice you are to stitch a birth announcement for your coworker. It's beautiful!