Saturday, June 9, 2012

Not such a great week, but progress.

This week has been hectic and frustrating and a couple of other things and I'm glad it's over. My daughter turned 25 on Tuesday. I really was looking forward to taking her our to dinner at her favorite restaurant and had it all planned out, but wouldn't you know it, the money I had set aside for dinner got taken out to pay the car insurance! I mean, what? I need insurance on my car? Oy! The timing just couldn't have been worse. So I couldn't take her out for dinner on her birthday, but I will take her out next week, this time to her other favorite restaurant since her boyfriend did take her to the favorite. I did get to make her requested birthday "cake", however, and it was DEEEEEElicious!

Make a wish!

Yes, it was a chocolate pudding pie! And she blew the candles out so hard, she knocked them over. When my son asked if she made a wish she said, "I don't need to make a wish, I already have everything that I want." What an awesome kid! So happy to have her in my life.

The rest of the week just seemed to get away from me. I did get some progress on my birth announcement, but didn't finish it, like I'd planned. But here's the progress on that one.

This is so darn cute, I really want to finish it up quickly so that when my friend has her baby I can give it to her mom (who also works at my office) as soon as I get the name and date on it and get it framed, probably the following Monday, whenever that may be.

I worked on the SAL all week, off and on as my mood allowed. I spent most of the week battling a case of the blahs. Depression hadn't set in until last night. So here's the progress I made over the past basically 2 weeks.

I saw in the enlarged photo that I missed a leg on one stitch that I'll have to go back and fix, because even if you can't see it, I know it's there and it will drive me crazy knowing that I didn't take care of it.

Can you see it?
I finally got a version of Adobe Reader that will allow me to highlight my progress on the chart. This was very frustrating for me since I love the paper print out and all, I just can't see it very well. Now that I have the updated version that will allow me to highlight it, I can zoom in and highlight and see it without straining my eyes. YAY!!!!

I found out some really disturbing news about one of my cousins this week and I'd really appreciate any prayers and good thoughts for his health and welfare. He and his brothers have been more like brothers to me than my own brothers at times. I'm pretty heartbroken for him right now.

I'm hoping this week will see me cheering up a little bit more and I'll get more done on the birth announcement and then maybe I can get back to my crazy 15 rotation and get some of them worked on too. Wish me luck?

Have a wonderful week!


SoCal Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! The chocolate pudding looks yummy.

The birth announcement is adorable! The new mother will be so pleased.

You got a lot of progress done on your SAL. I would certainly go back and cross that X too. It would drive me crazy. LOL.

Being able to highlight on Adobe sounds great! I used that once for a chart that was too difficult to see the printed version, but I didn't have the highlighting.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. The cake looks delicious.
Your stitching is looking great!

mdgtjulie said...

Sorry to hear you got bad news this week, Otter. Hope things get better. I'll pray for the whole family. You, him, everyone!!! And you made good progress on both pieces. I did see where you missed a stitch, but I'm sure you'll remember to correct it. And I do it to, so don't feel bad. It happens to everyone sometimes, I think. Good luck getting back into the groove. It can be hard when you're depressed, so I hope you feel better ASAP.