Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sewing project today!

I ended up making two of the q-snap covers today. I'm not sure if I just need to make a couple more to figure out the right measurements for my favored 11x8 q-snap size, but the first was a bit too small and the second was a bit too big. The good thing is, the first fit the 8x8 and the second fit the 11x11.

While I was working on these, my grandsons sat and asked questions about what I was doing and why I was doing it. They were so cute. The oldest one has expressed some interest in my stitching. As much as I'd like to have him learn to stitch, he's a bit too active to sit and concentrate on details. I'll keep encouraging him to help keep him interested, once he settles down a bit, I'm sure I have something that will keep him busy. I think I have 2 kits that came with 11 count aida.

By the time I finished with the two covers, I looked in my sons living room and saw what just screamed for a picture.

The three boys hanging together. When my son had kids I wonder if he ever imagined that at some point he'd become a piece of furniture or a jungle gym. But I must say, they look so comfortable together. I love seeing the three of them together.

I think I might have some more pics to post tomorrow, so until then...Happy Stitching!

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SoCal Debbie said...

Your Q-snap covers look great! I'm too lazy to try to make my own, so I cheated and bought them instead. LOL