Friday, March 30, 2012

Quiltmaker update

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this piece. I've been working on it all week and it just doesn't seem like I got very far. I hope as I progress farther and get to fill in more colors, I'll feel a bit more accomplished with it. So this is where the piece was when I started the week.

And seven days later...

Ok so I guess you can kind of see which way the quilt is laying just by following the basic outline. But I'll tell you, I'm kind of tired of looking at that gold.

Next week I'll be working on Autumn Evening, which is a pretty ambitious project for me. I think I'll begin the weekend by trying to make a q-snap cover. I bought some fabric and I have the "pattern" so I'm going to see how I do at making something new. I'm looking forward to my little sewing adventure.

Hoping you all have a wonderful week and I'm going to try to post a couple of times this week. So until later....Happy Stitching!!

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Pull the other thread said...

I must say this one is on my own to do list. I really like this design. You seem to be progress well with it.