Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Crazy week past

Seems as if I almost spoke too soon. Just as I was intending to post more often because things seem to be settling down in my life, BOOM!, here comes the monkey wrench. My hubby had a procedure scheduled for last Monday, and we were all ready for a routine 3ish hours at the hospital like the last time. Yeah.....No. Didn't happen. The pre-procedure interview with hubby made the docs suspicious of what was going on. Turns out he had some bleeding in his esophagus that they were really concerned about. He ended up spending Monday night in the ICU and the next 3 days in a regular room. We have a few months of tests and doctors appointments to look forward (?) to.

I recently lost a cousin (more like a brother to me than a cousin) to the same type of issue that my hubby has. And just over a year ago I my dad passed away after a short but severe battle with cancer. I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend with my dad just 3 weeks before he died. I also got to see a small part of my large extended family at the same time.

 Me and my Daddy

The family reunion President's Day 2013

I just hope and pray that my hubby will be around for a long time even though we have some major changes in our lives going forward. Maybe I'll even lose some weight while we make those changes. I am doing my best to keep positive and only focus on what's in front of me right now and not worry too much about what "may" be coming down the road, since we don't know for sure what is going on yet.

I'm still working on my crochet, it keeps me from thinking too much, counting stitches helps a ton. Thanks for stopping by, soon I should have some more pics to share of some more of my projects.